The sword goes out from go through the mill sweet come from bitter cold
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On June 5, 2008, warbler of break out of an opportunity of survival, butterfly dance flies, the wedding day that everythings on earth faces south, we get together in university of Beijing post and telecommunications elegance of this of primitive simplicity, flower clusters round, festival and full-bodied birthday banquet hall, congratulate Xu Daxiong ceremoniously teaching jointly 80 China absurd. Wish Xu Laofu Fu Kangtai, birthday reachs pine age!
Professor Xu is our country adviser of academician of the famous technologist that prevent bogus, foreign nationality, doctoral student, laser is holographic the inaugurator of the technology that prevent bogus, make important contribution for the development of the motherland. Professor Xu is born in the time with broken the land of country, the life of drift from place to place, difficult suffering is labyrinthian attend school, big life that falls greatly all did not change Xu Laozhi to give birth to a manner at learned person. The life that firm and indomitable disposition, dark nation feelings lets Xu is old eventually shines brilliantly, it is for the country civilian achievement lustre by later ages result.
80 years old can be an ordinary process, also can be the accumulation of life only, but 80 years be legend however to Professor Xu. From the teenager that flees for his life everywhere in ravaged by successive wars, to sit in the student that attend school leads a wandering life on igneous roof, evolve into the expert of science and technology with distinguished exploit finally, there is how many joys and sorrows of life in this process, more or less to suffer from cross hard, how many persistence is indefatigable, how many tortuosity, other people cannot cut the body to meet. If life makes fun of, academician of labour of the refugee, teacher, boiler, foreign nationality, holographic the inaugurator …… of the industry the be deeply moved that these parts all are unraveled by Xu Laoyan, the life with old Xu also wonderful because of this.
Review erst, in a lot of cross that Xu Jiao awards, any segment lets an ordinary person possibly abandon ideal, drift with the tide, illegible lifetime, but he regards these as however oneself grindstone, give the ability when scabbard when treasure knife so more sharp and dazzing: Be come to by Mao Zedong, Zhou En, many parties such as Zhu De, Liu Shaoji, Dong Biwu, Peng Dehuai, Deng Xiaoping and national leader are interviewed; Countrywide post and telecommunications is advanced and collective award, doctoral student adviser; Found the whole nation the first laser is holographic the product line that prevent bogus; The …… of scientific contribution award that president of republic of Ji Si of the Er that obtain auspicious issues this among them an any outstanding achievement let a person take great pride, OK particularize. And Xu Jiao gives common however point, still teaching forefront with 80 senile battles, with Xu old oneself word is “ still be give up to pedagogic post no less than, in have unripe year, still want to produce him energy, make contribution as far as possible more, breed talent ” for the country.
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