Famous brand of world of China of Chinese famous brand evaluates general rule to
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The reporter pledges from the country check total bureau learns 14 days, strategy of Chinese famous brand advanced committee to was released a few days ago " product of Chinese famous brand evaluated general rule 2008 " , " product of Chinese world famous brand evaluated general rule 2008 " , examine from qualification test, data, list of evaluation plan cent, to table a proposal just is faced 4 times famous brand is chosen this year made detailed provision respectively.

" product of Chinese famous brand evaluated general rule 2008 " regulation, declare product short of product of Chinese famous brand declared a condition to set 2008, cancel participating qualification. Declare product every to administration makes claimable, must gain permissive competence, to date of expiration handling card, declare an enterprise to have not obtain evidence, cancel participating qualification. In product quality respect, always inside nearly 3 years, provincial above quality supervises an examination unqualified, exit merchandise inspection is unqualified, export goods causes bigger loss to suffer because of quality problem foreign of claim for compensation, produce great quality, safe accident, perhaps great quality complains classics check to belong to solid, uniform cancel participating qualification. In environmental protection respect, declare an enterprise to discharge what do not amount to mark or great environment happens to pollute incident inside nearly 3 years, cancel participating qualification. Cable of cross-linking polyethylene power, report warms oneself implement, 7 kinds of products reach floor of cleaner, washing machine, A Weijun element, kasugarnycin, real wood declare date of expiration, still did not join product quality electron to superintend a net by the regulation, will cancel participating qualification. In the meantime, the enterprise forges those who prove data of material, make a false report, put in lawbreaking code of behavior, there is what run sexual deficit two years inside nearly 3 years, short of country is energy-saving of concerned law laws and regulations and mandatory standard requirement will cancel participating qualification.

" product of Chinese world famous brand evaluated general rule 2008 " specific provision, the total turnout in entire industry and exit measure the product that declares Chinese world famous brand to should be on world front row, declare brand product to export many countries and area, basically exporting a nation (area) all already registered trade mark. In the own brand 2007 exit is measured (or the forehead) should take this product domestic and international total sales volume (or the forehead) 20% above; The export volume of own brand occupies the 50% above that always export a quantity, exit forehead not under 50 million dollar; Declare product sale (the forehead) before 5 are located in in international person of the same trade. 2007 the sale of the enterprise should achieve above of 10 billion yuan of RMBs, grade of credence of company pay taxes should be class A enterprise. The registered trade mark that declares a brand at least due history of 10 years of above.
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