Check of 69 batch product gives industry of 22 milk powder of countrywide 3 get
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International is online message: Total bureau of national qualitative check is urgent a few days ago infant milk powder spread out inside countrywide limits 3 get together cyanogen amine is special examination, check of 69 batch product gives industry of 22 infants milk powder of different content 3 get together cyanogen amine.

These 22 enterprises have emperor of limited company of milkings of Inc. of 3 deer group, Shanghai panda, Qingdao yuan lacteal industry Gu Cheng of limited company of group of milkings of Hui Min of chicken of limited company, treasure, Shanxi breeds Inc. of heroic milk industry, Inner Mongolia cheats light of trade group limited company, Jiangxi, other 87 enterprises not check goes out.

Go out in check 3 get together in the product of cyanogen amine, shijiazhuang of powder of milk of recipe of infant of 3 deer card 3 get together cyanogen amine content is very tall, amount to every kilograms of 2563 milligram highestly among them; Other is in every kilograms 0.09 arrive between 619 milligram.

Be bred by the infant recipe that there is interest of Guangdong refined scholar only in check business pink exported Bengal, Burmese, Yemen 3 countries, classics convection appearance detects did not discover 3 get together cyanogen amine. Supply Beijing Olympic Games incomplete the dairy produce of abstruse meeting not check goes out 3 get together cyanogen amine. The liquid state milk that produces after September 14 did not discover 3 get together cyanogen amine.

To assure the safety of dairy produce, concerned branch was adopted strengthen superintendency measure further, it is right check gives presence 3 get together the 69 batch product of cyanogen amine falls instantly frame seal up for keeping recall destroy by melting or burning, have comprehensive investigation instantly to concerning a company, handle gravely lawfully. 2 it is the member that produce an enterprise to pledge check branch is sent to all dairy produce halt superintend, undertake be supervisoried strictly checking to entering the arena to raw material is suckled and produce link each, ensure the dairy produce quality that produces this after special examination is safe.

Introduce according to medical expert, 3 get together cyanogen amine is product of chemical industry of a kind of low noxiousness, the infant is absorbed in great quantities can cause urology disease to suffer from, as a result of,the infant that has urology disease at present basically is edible contain a large number of 3 get together recipe milk powder causes the infant of 3 deer card of cyanogen amine, most little patient waters through how, diligent the method such as micturition, calculous but proper motion eduction. Be like fluid of infant occurrence make water when the symptom such as muddy, dysuria, need sees a doctor in time to the hospital. When producing acute kidney function to fail, if be treated in time,the little patient also can restore. Current, door of Ministry of Public Health asks each medical establishment is strengthened further to containing 3 get together the sieve that cyanogen amine milk powder causes case of illness investigates diagnostic work, the country will continue to dog closely about the branch investigation.
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