Disappear negotiates the home to ensure consumptive dispute to dissolve Beijing
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Recently, the tourist that comes from world each district is lifted in Beijing blast a ” of “ shopping tornado, how is this solved quickly for Beijing consumer society and each businessman all sorts of because of quality, service, and culture concept differs and the consumptive dispute of generation posed not small challenge.

   ” of “ green passageway dissolves consumptive dispute

To prevent to consume dispute broaden the scope, reduce the generation that consumption complains as far as possible, shorten the settlement that concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals complains time, beijing consumer society handed over “ to let an enterprise participate in, the exam paper that lets ” of system go ahead of the rest.

Solve those who cannot leave relevant company of “ controversy to take an active part in quickly, the safeguard of organization and system also cannot leave while the enterprise is participated in. ” occupies disappear assist relevant controller introduces, beijing disappear assist in Olympic Games opening eve, had gone up with what include beauty of bazaar of letter of sea Er, sea, Xidan, Yan Sha, country to wait inside international of a hunderd schools is famous enterprise and inn of more than 1000 doors, built aim to pass guide, force of oneself of direct business support, perfect after service system, the “ that settles dispute quickly dissolves ” of consumptive controversy passageway quickly, call “ green passageway ” again.

As ” of “ green passageway build, when all consumer always encounter the circumstance that makes his dissatisfactory in consuming a process, all but to Beijing disappear assist undertake complaining, according to the regulation of ” of “ green passageway, consumer at latest will receive the telephone call that complains a businessman to concern chief inside time of 2 days, the run-of-mill consumption of clarity of lesser, responsibility complains amount of simple to the clue, controversy, the businessman will end in 7 days of inline processing, difficulty is complained criterion will by disappear assist appear personally, assist consumer and businessman to undertake communication settlement. In addition, member unit still needs the intercessory opinion that accepts society of executive Beijing consumer to be made lawfully.

   Disappear negotiates the home together compose builds ” of “ green passageway

The time of “7 day is nonexistent to us any problems. Chief tells the Beijing that ” participated in ” of “ green passageway the journalist related a bazaar, this bazaar is passed release relevant regulation, decided “ can retreat what can not retreat to be given priority to in order to retreat formally, can change what can not change to be given priority to in order to change, the goods of gives priority to ” with me exchange a purchase that responsibility distinguishs hard and load duty principle.
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